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Monday, 19 January 2015

2012-2013 business In scope.
Management, Incorporated non executive members & Finance Committee.
Within an organization, a plan is crucial for the entity survival. This plan assesses the entity revenue Schemes, assets, Liabilities, and Capital. Throughout the passage, strategic short term and long term plans had been reviewed
This plan gives an overall picture of the organization.
This plan gives an overall picture of the organization.

Trinityville Area Development Committee Benevolent Society

Treasurer Overview of Trinityville Area Development Committee B.S Accounts:

1.0 Strong financial disciplines

Trinityville Area Development Committee Benevolent Society (NGO)-Trintyville A.D.C.B.S need to exercise strong Financial Discipline in order to withstand the harsh economic. As a None Governmental Organization (NGO), it is expected to generate its own income otherwise from dues, Contribution, Registration and or Donation. Special attention has to be given to the areas of accounts in order to MAXIMIZE ACCUMALATED FUNDS. After assessing the areas of accounts, the organization is losing money from many internal outlets.  

Areas of ACCOUNTS that need to be tighten up:

Ø  Tighten up cash collection on the different Financial Revenue Schemes, which Operates, Control, used and or Owned by Trinityville Area Development Committee B.S that are used by persons are organizations, such as
  • the Centre
  •  the water pumps
  •  the tools
  •  projects benefits cash spill over-Poor Management
  •  Optimize treasury management-tighten up

Ø  Carefully consider current and future Members and their ability to pay 
·         Members not forthcoming with Dues

·         Need new membership schemes

Ø  Critically evaluate NGO from the business perspective. Is it appropriate in the light of future profit trends and cash generation?

Ø  Review bank charges. Is there scope for switching?

Ø  Review the balance sheet - are there assets that are being underused?

If the persons handling the organization monies/ money do not follow the rules and regulation set out, then the organization will have a problem achieving its targeted goals. As the accountant/ treasurer I will assure you that the books will be update on time and also the financial statements.
Within the coming year, there will be some changes that will occur to facilitate investment activities, and opportunities.

Please read through the document.

Revenues Earning Schemes-Trinityville Area Development Committee Benevolent Society.

Short-term Revenue plans:                                                                                                         Notes
Fixed Accumulated Funds in bank                                                                                       1
Acquire assets from project operations                                                                                 2
Make Resource Centre available for Renting                                                                       3
Develop mini-project                                                                                                             4
Beneficial farmers turn over Capital Scheme                                                                        5
T-bills (Treasury Bills)                                                                                                           6
Long-term Revenue Plans:
Develop alliance with other NGOs/ buy assets                                                                      7
Purchase container/ sell cements                                                                                            8
Purchase shares in other company/ entity                                                                               9
Owned assets-permanent assets                                                                                             10
Form Joint-NGOs cooperative                                                                                               11
Operate a Business in Morant Bay                                                                                          12
Enter into the Stock Market                                                                                                     13

Short term Revenue Plans:
1.       Fixed Accumulated Funds in bank- the organization Accumulated funds should be fixed in order to earn some revenues. This will stimulate and increase the organization funds.
·         Fixed deposit ½ (half) or ¾ (three quarter) of accumulated funds in bank.
·         Fixed deposit Accumulated funds in short term plans.
·         Others.

2.       Acquire assets from project operations- From Project Operations the organization should acquire assets. These assets should be utilizes in order to maximize accumulated funds. Assets such as the:

·         Pump -from the Prevention of Land Degradation Project
·         Others

3.       Make Resource Centre available for Renting- Resource Centre need to be renovated and make available. Within the centre:

·         Conference could take place

·         Workshops

·         Businesses and business meetings

·         Party

4.       Develop mini-project- the organization need to established mini-projects to create sustainable financial growth throughout the organization life span. Mini projects such as:

·         Create small business

·         Sell farming tools

·         Carrot plot

5.        Beneficial farmers turn over Capital Scheme- Farm who benefited from the project(s) done by Trinityville Area Development Committee Benevolent Society will be asked to give back a contribution to the organization.

·         Greater than 1000 over a extended period through the year or a year.
***This is to point out that this plan is open for critiques and discussion, so to sign off on the plan      forward. Management will need to read through and then include, exclude and or confirm.
Long term Revenue Plans:
6.       Develop alliance with other NGOs/ buy assets- Make close partnership with other NGOs so to foster “resource pooling.”

7.       Purchase container/ sell cements- After Resource Pooling with other NGOs, to purchase container, renovated and Purchase cements for selling.

8.       Purchase shares in other company/ entity- Purchase shares as a medium of long term investment. These shares can be preference share and or Ordinary share.

9.       Owned assets-permanent assets- the organization should scope in assets that are permanent such as:

·         Building

·         Machines/ equipment

·         Tools

·         Others

10.   Form Joint-NGOs cooperative-Form joint cooperative to obtain and pool money with other NGOs in order to create sustainable development. This creates an umbrella and a broad base monetary scheme which can finance project objectives. Prospective organizations:

·         Bee-farmers Association

·         S.T.E.P.A-St. Thomas Environmental Protection Agency

·         Others

11.   Operate a Business in Morant Bay-the organization need to operate an entity in Morant Bay. This business can be varied.

12.   Enter into the Stock Market- the organization need to start consider buying some stock on stock market.  Prospective organization:

·         National Comercial Bank
·         Near Banks
·         Others


Trinityville Area Development Committee Benevolent Society Marketing Situational Analysis Swot Analysis
1. Established and place within the community as the farmers’ group.

Have limited financial resources.
Have the potential to grow and expand

2. Have the capacity to undertake millions dollars projects.
Have minimal assets resources within the organization, which puts the organization at a “GOING CONCERN.”
Have the potential to acquire assets and businesses.

Funders not wanting to grant the organization any projects.
3. Have existing memberships.
Have weak organizational structure, committees and culture within the organization.
Have loyal and devoted members who sets the base foundation and which has the potential to grow in membership.

People not wanting to join the organization because they are unable to get any benefits.
4. got three projects approved, with a time span of 3 years-$20,000,000.00; 2 years-4,000,000.00 and 1 year-1.2, 000,000.00
Lack resources to invest in different investment schemes, such as Treasury Bills, Stocks, Businesses, persons, real estates, money market and others.
Have the technical persons within the organization with the abilities to increase assets shares, revenues and investments.

Having a bad reputation will put the organization under scrutiny and not able to obtain projects.
5. Have human resources, and limited assets.
Fear exploring possible option to create sustainable development through human resource and assets.
Can negotiate with other organization in acquiring capitals to fund projects.
Assets being vandalize by others.
6. Have linkages with a number of entities, stakeholders and other groups.

Able to foster commitments from stakeholders.
Stakeholders not wanting work with the organization.

Competitors’ Analysis
They have brand name and a noble reputation. 

They have been in existence for a long time.
Members are elderly and lack new investment visions and ideas.

Have undertaken more than 6 successful projects, with grants ranging from million and upwards.
Have down scale project writing activities within their organizations.
Have the credibility to get grants from funders.

Have long lasting relationship with stakeholders and maybe favoured by many.
Becomes relax and prudence and in proactive.

Have larger membership body.
Have Uncommitted members.
Can be a house hold name.

Have sustainable capitals.
Don’t have any business plan to structure way future.

Have assets and investments.
Don’t utilized assets to the fullest and underuse assets.

Have more technical persons in their organizations.
 Technical persons not proactive.

Have core staff with objectives and obligation of creating sustainable development.
Under performing and creating minimal opportunities.

Have established organization structures and functions.
The chain in which information pass down from president to the lowest rank is slow, confusing and scramble.

Saturday, 17 January 2015


Create an Introduction Letter
The first step in securing sponsorship dollars is to craft a professional introduction letter highlighting the features and benefits of the opportunity you are offering. Some of these features and benefits might include inclusion in advertising, product sampling, banner display, and more. After you have given a brief overview of the opportunity, close the letter by asking their permission to send them a more detailed presentation. The introduction letter is the most critical part of the sponsorship success equation. If well crafted, it will get your foot in the door.
Demographic Analysis
Understanding your audience is critical. Potential sponsors will want to know who you are reaching. The best way of gathering this information is right at you finger tips. Call radio stations you think should be playing your music. Ask for an account executive and ask this person to fax you their Tapscan, Scarborough, or Prism demographic and qualitative information. In all likelihood you will now be armed with a detailed overview of what your audience looks like and can match this up with potential sponsors. You will also have a great hit list of companies to start hitting.

Creating Your Sponsorship Presentation
No that you have your introduction letter and demographic profiles, you are ready to begin creating your presentation. The presentation will seal the deal with sponsors only if it contains all the information they will need to make an educated decision on your opportunity. The presentation must contain the following elements:
1. A two to three paragraph overview of your opportunity.
2. A detailed overview of tour routing, markets, and venues.
3. An overview of what type of public relations and media support you expect to have and how the sponsor will be included.
4. Your audience and demographic profile.
5. Tour partnership deliverables or what the sponsor will receive for their investment.
6. The total investment you are looking for from your sponsor and the return a sponsor can expect.

Now that you have all of the pieces of the puzzle you are ready to go out and shake the trees for sponsorship dollars. With effort and consistency you will land a sponsor. Always deliver on what you promise to retain your sponsors year after year. Under deliver and they will promptly kick you to the curb. Our philosophy is to always under promise and over deliver. With this philosophy you will be assured ongoing solid sponsorship participation for years to come.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

The music Industry makes small entrepreneurs/businessmen. Hence the era where artistes yearns for a record deals are far gone. And the opportunity exist where individual/independent artistes will have to finance themselves, Market and distribute their songs. Artistes take NOTE: Downloads are going down, but that down mean it have gone into exile, and as far as I concern, it will not. You have to continue distributing your song for the world to have access to it and so it can be monetize, in order to recoup what you have spent on it for recording and mixing purpose. THE WORLD WOULD GO SILENT WITHOUT SONGS PLAYING AND SOME PEOPLE WOULD GET INSANE.

The middle Man is making is cut from the music, so why artistes not making as much? Artistes take NOTE: Stage Shows are the way to truly earn as artistes, so take heed and do the marketing that will provide fans for your music. Please see other posts.

How to Finance yourself as an Artiste?
1. Crowd Funding. This provide an avenue to get funding from prospective fans, fans, friends, family and other people who would like to support your music.

2. Pooling/Family loan. This is where your family has to play a major role to help you progress.

3. Personal Funds. This is where persons finance their own music career.