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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Credible Online Businesses.

Let me clarify these issues first: There are scammers’ offline and Online. In addition, there are credible Business Offline and Credible Business Online. In this fast growing technological world, more opportunities exist online than offline (offline means brick & martyr stores). And if you examine carefully the things that are being used to transact business in today society, then you will see that the order of the day is to move from Hard Cash into Plastic Money, Book & Paper into Soft Copy, Customer Service by human into Automated Machine service, Bank Book into Online Banking and from Class Room teaching into E-learning.

What is Plastic Money? Plastic Money is the term use for Credit Cards. These Plastic Cards have many things on them, such as the Card number, Barcode, Person Name and so on. But most importantly this card is able to access thousands of dollars and use anywhere in the world. They are beneficial and also dangerous. If this card should be scam then things could go bad.

The Fear

The fear of doing business online rest mainly in developing countries. This fear come about because of online, online security infrastructure issues, lack of internet expertise/specialist, lack of awareness and education, policy issues and protection of identity. In these countries, Cyber act is just being develop and also their system in fighting cyber crime.
However, I believe that all these fear have been thrown through the window. Three quarter of the world have internet connection now and are connected whether by phone or computer. Therefore, there should not be any fear to start business and to do business on the internet.

Here are Some Credible Partners

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N.B: These are just a few. I use these because you can recognize them easily.

Reaching People

To place an Ad on the internet is cheaper than to place Ad in offline media (Brick & Martyr stores). And therefore, it is evident that online media are more affordable. Also, with online media you are likely to reach almost all countries with your Ad. Take for example, your banner was placed on site that attracts 3, 000 views per month from all over the world and with such precise analytic you could see where and when your Ad(s) were click. Your margin to maximize your revenue with the internet business for outweigh offline profit margins. The internet is the answer for many offline businesses and prospective business. And if you have max out the market offline, then try online.

What Works
The things that work most on the internet is “everything.” No matter what you plan to do on the internet, it can work. From once you have a niche for your business and customers, then push ahead. Some of the main businesses on the internet are: Marketing business, Information business, Network development business, Cooking business, E-learning business, Production business, Music business, video business and other of unique order.