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Thursday, 2 April 2015


How To Start A Business With Small Capital.
Base on where in the world you are located, a business venture can sometime be easy and sometime hard to start. This is so because each country has their own rules and regulations. The cultures of doing business are also different in many of countries. In addition, some countries are more develop than others and therefore, some countries gain an advantage at Start-Ups. The more develop countries processing time are faster and better. However, for the less develop countries, people have difficulties and struggle to get their business register.

Cottage Business 
The first step of starting a business with small capital is to operate a Cottage business. This type of business operates from the home of persons or owner. In some place or countries it is called Home sale. This sort of business can generate great income, because you will be able to have loyal customers, one-to-one conversation and telephone contact of persons in order to contact them. Now for some countries whose system are not that rigid, they put Corner Shops.

Charting Growth
In order to develop from a Cottage Business or Corner Shop you have to join yourself to some other organization (NGOs, CBOs, Private or Governmental) that propel your business to the next level. In order to join them you either have to become member or participate in their activities and used services. This also brings exposure to your business and help to build a network.

Networking sometimes don’t cost dollar, but it is one of the most important component of the expansion model for me. Networking meanings, reaching more people or more markets. Networking creates a circle like social media and linkages.
I just spoke about networking above. This site allows you to make monetize for your content post on their site for authorship, networking, and ads that runs along your post(s). The more people you can reach, the better it will be for you. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, others won’t reach everybody, so you need to broaden your social network also.

Research/Develop Business Plan
Before you do a business plan, do you your research. Researching your business idea for market viability is essential, because this will show if the idea need to crop or to be utilize. And I stress, seek advice from credible persons before investing in this business.

Instant Opportunity

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