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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Jobs Online and in Non Governmental Organization

What is an NGO? An NGO is a Non Governmental Organization that is managed by a Board of Directors or a Management Committee. NGOs normally have different names such as Benevolent Societies or such likes. Also, they sometime perform different task in society to see to it that things goes well.

What are the opportunities that exist in NGOs? NGOs are one of the many contenders who can obtain funding from Funding Agencies. Therefore, there is a vast pool of opportunities within this sector of society and it need to be explore more. The name Non Governmental Organizations are significant, because funders seek to fund these types of organizations. Also, these Organizations are legal companies, that are exempt from Governmental taxes, and are protected under a Act. These organizations also do audit at the end of every financial year, whether by private or public auditor. They also have to maintain a membership of about 21 members, who should be in good standing in regards to their dues and a attendance. This gives them power as members to vote and query anything within the organization.   Their records can also be peruse be members.

Opportunities in NGOs:

Project Manager-This is a high paying post and you can get over one hundred thousand dollars per month. This is the highest post in regards to projects.

Project Administrator-This post also pays well and the person work closely with the project manager in order to complete project objectives and support documents.

Accountant-This post also pays well depend on the type of project. In addition, you can flex your time with this job, because you don’t have to be in the office five days a week. Therefore, you could have another job to supplement your income.

Data Collecting Officer-This post relatively small, but it also pays about thirty thousand dollars. So, if you are not travelling too much, then you can save from this income.

Structure of NGOs: Non Governmental Organization normally carry different titles base on the office or nature of the organization. However, the organizations are structures are similar in many ways, except for a few that have additional arms and affiliates/subs. 

Board Of Director: Executive Director
                                 Director Of Finance
                                 Director Of Management/Land
                                 Director of Youth
Other Executive:   Chairman

Survival Strategies for NGOs: Majority of the Non-Governmental Organizations servive off project, contribution, membership dues, donation and grants. However, some of these NGOs may do extra fund raising event in order to maintain their organization. In NGOs, sometime it is well in regards to funds, but at another time it can be opposite.

Websites that can help to break the drought of unemployment are highlighted in the blue within and above. Here is a list of some online jobs: