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Friday, 10 April 2015

Green House Production

What is a Green House? A Green House is a structure that is made from connectable steel poles. In addition, it has a covering mesh around the sides and a white covering on the top.

What is Green House Production? The Production of crops in a secure, control and enclose space/environ.

Things Need Before Constructing A Green House: Before you start constructing your Green House, you need to have a discussion among, with or have a consultant do an analysis on (i) which direction the Green House should turn, because wind factor can influence production and coolness. (ii) Accessibility is also a factor that can prove good and bad. This is so, because easy access cans diseases to enter or endanger production. (iii) The surrounding environ should be study also. This could improve decision making and precaution can be put in place. (iiii)Weather pattern and water should be study also, in order to show water accessibility and weather patterns within the area and in particular where the Green House will be. (iv) A feasibility study should be done also on the crop(s) and the market availability. In addition, a true analysis should be done to capture the static of Green House operation with the area and its environment. 
Developing Business Plan: Now that we have done the study, it is time to move on to the creation of a business plan. This is where all the ideas and the ways to make ideas work are layout. This is where the Overview, Business Description, Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Value Statement, Objectives, Short-Term, Longer –Term, S.W.O.T Analysis, Production/Service Description, Management Structure, Market Overview, Strategies, Tactics, Financial Projection, Income & Expenditure Statement, Statement Of Financial Position, Implementation Schedule, and Exist Strategies.

There are two main ways of growing crops in a Green House. These ways are: (i) Hydroponic-with hydroponic the plants grow in a body of nutrients with a supply of all the nutrients it requires to grow. These nutrients range from Potassium, Nitrogen, Magnesium, and Phosphorus, sulphate and other substance of nutrients. These nutrients runs in a tube in which the plant roots are submerge, and as the nutrients passes by they absorb their food and water through their phloem and xylem vessels. This is very good to have, because you can make it automated, and therefore put less pressure on yourself or workers in regards to individual distribution of nutrients to the plants.  The disadvantage with this method is that, if disease should break out in this particular Green House with Hydroponic, all the plants will be affected, because it is a one feed system. (ii) Growing Media-with growing media, you have to choose one out of the many that are around. These media range from Soil, foam, perlyte, tyre, etc.  With this method, you could choose the type of medium that match your budget, likes and environment. I will advise not to use the soil, if it is not sterilize. However, it a cheaper method. Using plant these method can be beneficial in many ways and also dangerous.

Drainage: Make sure to put in a good drainage system. With the absent of a good drainage, bacteria and diseases will develop in your Green House. This is a good practice. Without a proper drainage system, and the settlement of water within your Green House, you will be setting up yourself for a loss. 

Training: Please ensure that you get the last training in Green House Production, in order to stay on par with all the new developments. This is very important in order to supervisor and has knowledge of things that should take place within the Green House.