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Monday, 6 April 2015

The Business of Farming.
What is Farming? Farming are different practices that include Cash Crops, Animal Rearing, Green House Production and so on. Some people might agree that farming is cultivation of crops and rearing of animals. This subject is very wide and takes in a number area. Therefore, I will be dealing with poultry as a form of business opportunity with Farming Industry for Young persons who are leaving school.
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Description: Farming is one the career that is look down on. And in many countries farming is not emphasize as it should. Therefore, Many Country hosts high import bills, in contrast to their export proportion. For my country in particular, it is now being revitalize in farming, and so a theme was develop “Grow what you eat and eat what you grow.” Farming is wide and encompass a lot of areas. Now, to make this purpose driven for my readers, I narrow down the scope to Poultry. There is still a market for meat/poultry.

  • Booster
  • 10 Water Jars per 100 Chickens
  • Medicine 10 per 100 Chickens
  • 50 bags of Feeds per 100 Chickens.
  • 55 dollars per Chick
  • Chicken Coop

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Time Period: Chickens still remain as one of the best investment, because also turn over quickly and allow you earn back capital. A chicken takes 6 weeks to mature. In addition, Otherwise from the meat, all other by products can be monetize (the feathers, the waste, and so on).

How To Build A Successful Business From Chicken Rearing? This is the ultimate Climax. To build a real success business from chicken rearing you need start out with about 300 chickens. This would give you a reasonable return that will enable you re-invest in another in 150 chickens. A total 450 chickens  can give a reasonable income, taking inconsideration that you are also selling the byproducts.

Calculation of projected sales:
Selling per Chicken 150* number of chickens (450)=  67, 500.00
Chicken liver 90*450                                                         =    40, 500.00
Chicken Foot 100*450                                                    =       45, 000.00
Chicken Waste                                                                  =       4, 500.00 
Total                                                                                   =  153, 000.00

Water                                                                                           8, 000.00
Light                                                                                          10, 000.00
Medicine                                                                                     1, 000.00
Booster                                                                                        2, 000.00
Bags                                                                                             1, 000.00
Feeds                                                                                          25, 000.00
Chickens                                                                                      5, 000.00
Total                                                                                           52, 000.00