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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Work-In Your Business and Work-On Your Business.


 Operating a sole proprietor business is great. This means that you get to keep all the profits, Goodwill and Joy that the business would bring. And in the same realm of the business, you also have to endure all the losses, Recession, dormancy and bad debts. Sometimes the good outweigh the bad, but nevertheless, it gets hard at time to make two ends, balance out the revenue and expenditures and even to break even. It is hard. Why I look at it from this point of view is because many entrepreneurs started out their business or businesses having no one to help them carry out the daily duties and operation in the business. Sometime for some owners, they are over work because they have to work in the business and on the business at the same time.   Now, Working-In the business requires the manager/owner to do administrative work, which includes preparing documentations, requisition forms, setup systems, performing the daily operations, co ordinate activities and so on. So while Working- In the business requires persons to work from a fix location; Working-on the business take the opposite. It requires person to be Networking, Creating Linkages, Building New products/services, Writing Projects, expanding service or product line.  Creating a balance between the two areas for entrepreneurs can determine success or failure to a dimension.
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Sometime the way your business is structure, it need more attention in the area of Working-In the business,  rather than Working-On the business. These method runs opposite to each other. You as a the business owner need to recognize which of the two your company or business need more and then work at it to get the growth within your business.  This website can assist you One Million By One Million.  Make the most from these sites. Also, try to get more training and have it constantly so that you are on top of things.

Don’t Let Statistic Kill your Business

Sometimes statistics are point against you, but you can prove statistic wrong. Statistics are referring to the things that happened in the past and therefore, you may just have the answer to solve the problem. Doing business these days don’t mean that you have to re-invent the wheel totally, however tweaking it is a perfect way to capture what were missing from the previous work. Sometime you just need to incorporate another business model in your business model and to get the best out of it. Better news, find out about all the different business models that are used through regions within your industry and try find one that can use in your country.

Know the Basic About Business

Knowing the basic about business can help a lot. This help you to have command of your business and in the Business Industry that your business falls under. Tip : Don’t be afraid to follow the changes as your business, the markets and the ways business is done evolves. This move may have both legs shaking, but keep you nerves. 
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