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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Helping My Viewers Reaching More With Affiliate

Affiliate-Money To Make

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
My desires are to help you my viewers, by assisting you in order for you to earn from your online operations. Many of you may just want to socialize on the internet, but there are ways to make a living while doing so on the web. The web is like the earth in concept, with buildings, banks, remedies and so on. If you are going to do anything in relation to business, you should get a business plan. Also, you should do your market research. And therefore by doing business it also requires planning, precise decision, tactics, and strategies just like the offline businesses, because we are deal with real people just as the offline business model.

Post Affiliate Pro
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Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways for bloggers and website owners to make money. There're hundreds of affiliate networks and programs to choose from. For your convenience, we've gathered the most popular affiliate programs, regardless of segment and type, in one – comprehensive list. If you’re looking to become an affiliate, here's the directory to choose from. You can also join Quality Unit Affiliate Program here.

In alphabetical order:
24/7 Real Media offers banners with CPM and CPC campaigns. They don’t have a very user friendly interface but they reps are quite responsive.

Ad pepper supports many types of Cost Per Mile ads including both graphic and contextual.
AdBrite offers CPC, CPA, and CPM in multiple formats including text ads, inline ads, banners, video and photos. The advantage is that you can set your own price and run ads from another ad network if AdBrite can't supply an advertiser at your asking price.
AdDynamyx offers CPM and CPC graphic ads featuring big advertisers. They cover TV, internet, direct mail, press, radio, outdoor, cinema ads.

AdEngage provides targeted text ads. You can get a weekly sponsorship package with your ad. You set your own rate, but advertisers see your stats, so they can calculate your cost per click anyway.
Adfish is a small affiliate network and only offers CPA ads. It's a good place if you’re starting with affiliate marketing.
Adknowledge works with clients in the highest volume, most valuable areas of the web including: social networking, mobile, video and email.
AdOn Network offers text and email ads. You can manage and optimize your campaigns on the basis of detailed reporting and analytics.
ADSDAQ runs text and graphical CPM ads and allows you to set your CPM rate. They also use performance stats to serve the highest performing ads first, which benefits both the publisher and advertiser.

Adtegrity reviews every single application they receive manually. They require 500,000 page views/month and 50% USA traffic. Your site has to fulfill few requirements.
AdToll allows you to set your own price and pays 75% commission. They offer CPM and CPC ads in all the standard ad units, including Video Ads as well as a new ad unit called a Peel Away Ad where an ad is hidden under your page and is activated upon a mouseover by a user.
Is a reliable online ad network providing advertisers and publishers Pay Per Click, Email and Display ad solutions.
This is a pay-per-action and pay-per-sale affiliate marketing program that has many name brand retailers using the service.
This is a pay-per action affiliate marketing network that includes sales, leads, and a few pay-per-click.
Amazon Associates is one of the most popular affiliate programs. Amazon Associates helps you monetize your web site – can be large network, content site or blog. It pays up to 8.5% commission on sales that result from your advertising efforts.
An affiliate marketing program that is structured around the brand of content being delivered.
This affiliate marketing program is a cost-per-sale affiliate model.
This affiliate marketing program is targeted towards banking products.
Bannerconnect specializes in both US and EU markets. They offer CPM, CPC and CPA ads.
BannerSpace assists advertisers and agencies with every aspect of their campaign. They can take over your entire sales department by putting a team on your site and managing your entire inventory.
BardzoMedia delivers targeted, optimized banner ads at a net share  of 70% for all web traffic.
BidVertiser supports 4 groups of ads: Banners, Inline Ads and Skyscrapers. All ads are fully customizable to fit the site's look & feel. You simply paste an HTML code into your web pages and ads will instantly start appearing.
BlogAds specializes in blog advertising. Their ad unit combines images with mult-linked text. A sales team is working for you. You may accept or reject ads they offer to you.
Bravenet Media is a growing community of online publishers and advertisers. They offer ads from standard 468x60 banners to co-registrations, email and they offer a variety of ad placements within their publisher network. Only sites with minimum of 1 million ad views per month are accepted.
Live Customer Service
Chat with your visitors, boost your sales!

Burst Media has two different programs in their network. Burst Network focuses on Target Advertising sold on a CPM basis. Non-targeted Advertising campaigns are sold at lower CPMs and include CPC ads to fill up inventory. They keep 50% of the ad revenue but offer better rates for publishers who agree to one year or three years exclusivity. Burst Direct is the other program they offer that run performance-driven campaigns. They take a much smaller cut (35%), but the revenue potential is probably more uncertain.
This affiliate program features banking and credit card programs.
Chitika offers harness search-targeted, mobile, and local ad units.Their network consists of 350,000+ quality publishers. Advantage is a low payment threshold.
ClickBank pays some of the highest commissions of any affiliate network in existence-75%. You can pick the offers that are paying the highest commissions and the offers that are most likely to appeal to your audience.
You can choose from CPC, CPA ads and from more than 4000 offers.
Clicksor offers text and graphic ads to promote merchants and earn commission. Their system will evaluate the content on your page and provide relevant ads depending on a context.

This is an affiliate network running performance based ads, it offers text and graphic options.
Commission Junction is a popular affiliate network, which operates worldwide. Their ads are CPA (a pricing model where advertisers only pay for a specified action) or CPL (pricing model, where the advertiser pays for an explicit sign-up). You do have to get approval from each advertiser separately in order to get the ad code.
Commission Soup is performance-based affiliate marketing network. Their affiliates receive one easy monthly payment when the minimum of $100 in commissions is earned.
They provide lead-generation solutions help advertisers reach and connect with new customers.
CPA Empire offers affiliates top payouts and quick payments using an optimization system that drives traffic to the strongest performing landing pages, increasing conversion rates.
This is an exclusive site that offers pay-per-action affiliate marketing programs.
CrispAds offers graphic and text ads based on the keywords and advertisers you select. Attractive models: CPL, CPA, CPD etc.
CX Digital Media is is the leader in performance based online marketing, featuring Cost Per Action advertising. They offer CPA, CPL, CPM or CPC ads campaign. You get paid if your balance is at least $50.
They offer all-inclusive, fully-customizable “out-of-the-box” feature set.
FeedBurner offers different levels of representation depending on your traffic and exclusivity.
This is a pay-per-sale and pay-per-lead affiliate marketing program that has a lot of major brand names!
Flux Advertising is an affiliate network based on PPC campaigns. You need to get millions of page views in order to participate in their program.
Google Adsense is the most popular and widely used contextual advertising network. They serve CPC ads (image or text) based on the content on your page. GA allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic image, text, video, or interactive media advertisements