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Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Executive Summery
Kevar’s Farm is located on 5 acres of fertile land in Somerset District, St. Thomas.  The property is owned by Mrs. Gloria Davidson of Somerset District, St. Thomas has been a family farm for over 50 years.  The land was previously owned by her mother Mrs. Imogene.

Mr. Right had least the property about two years ago in which he had been growing farm produce to feed his family and the remaining portion was sold to higglers in Morant Bay Market, St. Thomas.  Some of these farms produce are cane, coffee, banana, plantain, hot pepper, sweet pepper, cassava, etc.

Mr. Right has built a concrete wall building where he houses his pigs, so far he has one service boar and one fully mature sow has farrowed on the 8 June 2011.  Nine piglets were littered and one died leaving eight piglets which has now reached weaner stage.  Business has been going well for the past years, that is, the great demand for agricultural produce and pork, Mr. Wright has been able to make sufficient money to sustain his family.  However, his wife and three boys are now attending school and the profits is too small to sustain his family; therefore he is seeking to expand his business so that he can take care of his family.  Mr.Right is currently in the process of expanding the physical structure of the piggery’s housing.  He already has constructed four pig pens and about 70 feet more of concrete structure has just been completed and are awaiting these animals.  Mr. Wright wishes to buy two guilt’s so that he can expand his piggery production. 

Mr. Right has already sought market for the expansion of his business, that is, Sweet River Abattoir & Supplies Company Limited has agreed to purchase the live pigs for $125 per pounds for the live pigs and they will be responsible for the transportation.  The local market is purchasing the live pigs at $130 per pounds.

Mr. Right’s contribution in the business thus far is a total of about $300,000.00 and the business requires a financial support of $500.000 (Jamaican). 

Mr. Right is registered with the Rural Agriculture Development Authority (RADA) and he is currently seeking to register with St. Thomas Piggery Association.  Therefore, the business will not be liable for tax.  The business should be a financially viable one if it is properly managed.

History and Background

Location and Description
Mr. Right’s Farm is located on one acre of land in Somerset District St. Thomas.  Located on one acre of fertile land, the property is owned by Mrs. Gloria Davidson who resides in Somerset District, St. Thomas.  This land was previously owned by her mother, Mrs. Imogene Telfer, and this land has been a family land for over 50 years.  This land was supported continuously by cane, coffee, banana, plantain, hot pepper, etc.  The land was leased by Mr. Kevar Right for the past two years and he has planted banana, plantain, pumpkin, corn, cassava, cane, sweet pepper and hot pepper and other produce which has been produced in abundance on the farm.  In addition, it has been supported by pigs.  Some of the farm produce are currently sold at the local market in Morant Bay, St. Thomas.

Business Objectives
The farm is revitalized and is currently producing on a commercial basis pigs and farm produce that are being marketed in the Morant Bay, St. Thomas. 

Plans are to further expand on the commercial production of the pigs so that they can be marketed to Sweet River Abattoir & Supplies Company Limited in Westmoreland. To implement this expansion, financial assistance is now required to enable the purchase of more pigs to expand the venture within the next two months.

Mr. Right have sold several pigs has weaner production and fattener production in order to sustain his family thus far.  (At one point, Mr. Right had thirty weaners and he had nowhere to house them, therefore he had to sell them.  If he had somewhere to house them he would have been able to sell them as fattener production which would have given him a greater profit.) 

Mr. Right has put in place four pig pens, and currently has one boar, one sow, one guilt and eight weaners which will be used to sustain his family.  He has also won the Best Pig Farmer Trophy within the cluster from Women’s Resource and Outreach Centre Limited.

In terms of farming, Mr. Right plans to grow cassava and cane to feed his pigs while he will continue to do minor farming to sustain his family.  That is, he will plant banana, plantain, sweet & hot pepper, cabbage, callaloo, tomato and so on.

Management & Human Resources
The staffing that is currently in place consists of two persons, that is, the owner, Mr. Kevar Right who manages the affairs of the business.  He is a pass student of Elim Agricultural High School which is where he developed his passion towards piggery and his knowledge grew to the extent that he now wishes to own his own business in piggery.

The next staff member is his brother Mr. levoy Right who is a part time worker because he currently attends the College of Agricultural Science and Education. levoy’s input is his knowledge and expertise in which he administers the necessary injections and advises the manager professionally. 

All on-going supervision will be carried out by the owner/manager, Mr. Kevar Right who also plans to hire two farm handlers to assist with the piggery upon completion of the expansion.

Mr. Right is registered with the Rural Agriculture Development Authority (RADA) and he is currently seeking to register with St. Thomas Piggery Association.  These memberships will help to provide an alternate market for the expected increase in piggery as the business develops and expands.

The business main challenge is the need for financing to implement the expansion plans.

Establishing Strategic Direction

Mission Statement
“To establish Mr. Kevar Rights Piggery within short run as the best run piggery in Somerset and St. Thomas which will produce high quality pork (pigs) that will be preferred by customers in such a way that it will generate a  pride of achievement and profits for the business.”

Short Term Strategic Objectives
i.                    To secure financing of Jamaica $500.000 by August 2011.
ii.                  To purchase two guilt’s.
iii.                To purchase twenty weaners
iv.                 On-going purchase of animal feeds.

The plans for Mr. Kevar Right’s piggery are to be reviewed by experts from Sweet River Abattoir & Supplies Company Limited in Westmoreland and also experts from RADA in St. Thomas.  Ample space has been designated for the expansion of the piggery house which will allow the animal’s adequate space and protection while they will be properly contained.

The business will be operated with the highest standards hopefully to keep on winning awards at farm fairs and probably a trophy at Denbigh Agricultural Show in Clarendon.

Mid To Long-Term Strategic Objectives
i.         To have in place 20 sows to produce 60 fatteners to grace on a monthly basis.
ii.       To become one of the largest producers of quality pork within the country.
iii.     To produce biogas from the piggery’s waste matter to supply neighbouring person’s with                      the biogas.
iv.     To offer pork in supermarkets islandwide.

Environmental Analysis

Domestic Environment for Piggery
With the global threat of the high cost of imported food and the threatening unavailability of some normally imported food such as rice, agriculture is being encouraged by the Government of Jamaica (GOJ).  (85% of this type of meat is being imported but because of the heavy duty on tax, wholesalers and retailers find it difficult to buy the imported meat, therefore, a great demand is now placed in the local market for this meat.)

Advice and counsel on farming matters are readily available from agencies such as Rural Agricultural Development Agency (RADA) and Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS).  It should be noted however that the supply of pork is not sufficient to meet the demands of the local market.  Presently the Jamaica Piggery Association reports that local production of pork is only 33% of the demand. 

The relevance of Mr. Rights Farm
There is no doubt that the proposed production of pork is in high demand and has the potential of making a good return on the investment.  Skilled farms hands are readily available in the community of Somerset at affordable wages.  In Somerset, and the surrounding communities, Mr. Right can find persons with experiences in the growing and rearing of animals which is the core product of the business. 

The more Mr. Right’s business grows more jobs will be created; hence, the business will help to eliminate unemployment in the country and also help to improve the economy of Jamaica on a whole.

Key Stakeholder Analysis
The owner and operator of Mr. Right’s Piggery Business, Orville Wright intends to seek membership with St. Thomas Piggery Association and in addition alliances will be forged with RADA and JAS and so on.

SWOT Analysis

A Piggery Business with great potential run by a dedicated manager who is intent on attracting a skill workforce.
Financing is required to purchase the services of personnel, equipment and tools that are necessary to make the business venture completely viable in the short and long term periods.
There is variety of growing markets for the produce:
i.                     Processors
ii.                   Supermarkets
iii.                  Local butcher shops
iv.                 Hotels
v.                   Value Added Potential
vi.                 Biogas Potential
The property boasts its own water supply in the form of spring water in which the water is harnessed and tank providing 600 gallons of water.
The need for financing to get a bigger pipe line, such as a two inch pipe.
Agriculture is pushed by the Government of Jamaica (GOJ).
Sales of quality fattening pigs are very good.
The need for good quality meat.
Pork is always in demand.

Critical Success Factors
Critical to the success of this business venture as a viable farm are:
i.        The expansion of the farm to attain optimum production to make the business financially viable and hence sustainable.
ii.                  The need for financing to implement the expansion plans.

Marketing Strategy

Proposed Products/Services
Mr. Kevar Right have already met with the Managing Director, Mr. walford, J.P. from Sweet River Abattoir & Supply Company Limited who said that they are currently on a drive to get persons to invest in piggery because their demands for pork are not being met. 
Pork is a popular item and 90% of the fattener will be marketed to Sweet River Abattoir & Supply Company Limited in Westmoreland under the trademark “Right’s Highest Quality Pigs” and the remaining 10% of pigs will be marketed locally in the cluster and Morant Bay Market in St. Thomas. 

According to Sweet River Abattoir & Supply Company Limited, there is a great demand for local pork and since they are only getting 33% of the demand 67% of the demand still remains to be filled.  Therefore, most of the pork available to Jamaican consumers is currently being imported.

As a small producer, Mr. Right’s piggery business will sell for the prices dictated in the industry:
i.                    Fatteners will be sold to Sweet River Abattoir & Supply Company Limited at $125.00 per pounds alive.
ii.                  Fatteners will be sold to local market at $130.00 per pounds after it is killed.

As a price taker the business will concentrate on efficiencies to reduce production costs and so maximize profits.

The demand for pork is so high and in excess of its productive capacity of the industry that Mr. Right’s piggery business will have no problem in disposing of its production.  The marketing strategy is not complicated as the demand for the produce of this piggery business outstrips the current production capacity. 

Organization Structure

Human Resource Requirement & Functions
Staffing is currently in place, consisting of two persons including the owner/manager and the part-time assistant.

The task of the feeding, watering of the pigs and managing the business is done by Mr. Kevar Right, the owner while his brother Mr. Kevar Right input is his knowledge and expertise in which he administers the necessary injections and advises the manager professionally.

Cash Flow Projections

Sales of twenty (20) fatteners generate a income of four hundred forty two thousand dollars ($442,000) minus the expenditure which is three hundred and thousand four hundred dollars ($312,400), making a profit of one hundred and twenty nine dollars ($129,600).
Break down of the expenditure over a six month period:
Feeding cost for six months for 20 pigs and the breeding animals- $276,400
Transportation cost for animals $30,000
Transportation cost for feeds $10,000
Medication for animals $5,000


There is a great demand for pork in Jamaica and according to the Managing Director, Mr. Walfford of Sweet River Abattoir & Supply Company Limited. He also said that only 33% of his company’s demands are being met.

The project requires a grant of $500,000.00 and the owner have already put in equity of about $300,000.00.  The cash flow projections and financials indicates that the business will have a positive cash flow throughout the first six month with a profit of $129,600  

The business hopes to provide best quality products both locally and internationally while meeting the needs of our customers and stakeholders.