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Friday, 22 May 2015

Multiple Earning, Blog and Google Adsense

Earn More by Diversifying

Researching is key when dealing with any type of business, even blogs and websites. The more you know, the better you can explain yourself to your readers. I find it difficult sometime because the market is saturated, but through determination to provide good resource I dig deep. Is your blog making enough? The old way of blogging are hardly pulling in any real revenue these days, unless you have been in the blogging industry for over ten years. Anyone being a blogger for over 10 years would be established and grounded in blogging.  They would also have a niche and customers.
What need to be done now?
As new bloggers we need to diversify our blogging portfolio. What I mean by diversifying is to add more site to your blogging profile. For me, I have three blogger sites and one Hub. These four sites have google adsense ads on them. This is the KEY. By allowing your ads to run on more than one sites, you increases your chance of earning more with google adsense and even with different affiliate programs. Having three websites requires a lot of work, but I can tell you that sometime from now I will start reaping from my hard work.
Where to earn more?
1. Bubblews allows 10 posts per 24-hour period, with no required delay between posts. The site no longer reveals its pay rates, which vary depending on the user’s country. Payouts can only be redeemed once every 30 days. Users located in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Vietnam are not allowed to join the site.
2. Persona Paper allows no more than 15 posts per day, and requires a 10 minute wait between posts. Current value of each "coin" is $0.0015. Since each unique view earns two coins, Persona Paper's pay rate is $3 for every 1000 views, which is twice the rate offered at Writedge and Daily Two Cents. It requires 13,334 coins to reach the $20 payout threshold.
3. As of March, 2015, Persona Paper has instituted a blacklist of countries from which it will accept no new members. The reason, they say, is because those countries get a lot of traffic, for which writers must be paid, but contribute little ad revenue to the site. The currently blacklisted countries are the Philippines and India. More may be added later.
4. On Wizzley and Seekyt payments are made directly from advertising partners, not the site itself. Ad network options include AdSense, Chitika, and VigLink. Affiliate linking to Amazon, Zazzle, and AllPosters is available.

Pay Rate
Article Length Requirements
Eligibility To Post
60% of ad revenue. Payout: $50. (AdSense required)
700+ words recommended
Each hub must pass a quality assessment. [1]
? for each view, comment and like. Payout: $50.
400 characters
Posts must be in English or have English translation.
75% of ad revenue. Payout: $50.
Between 325 - 5000 words
At least the first 10 posts are reviewed. and http://Daily Two
$1.50 per 1000 unique views. Payout: $5.
400 (Writedge) or 100 (DTC) words.
At least the first 3 posts are reviewed.
50-60% of page impression revenue. Payout: N/A [4]
400 words
At least the first 5 posts are reviewed.
65% of ad click revenue. Payout: N/A [4]
2,000 characters
At least the first 3 posts are reviewed.
http://Persona [2,3]
2 coins/view, 1 coin/comment you make on others’ posts. Payout: $20.
500 characters exclusive of punctuation and spaces.
Must submit a writing sample to demonstrate English proficiency.
Pay per Social Site
Trap more earning from adsense with: It's a centralized hub where you can earn money for all the things you're already have been doing online at places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and Blogger. Minimum payout is at $25.00 dollars. Bubblews is a holistic macro-blogging platform and social ecosystem where users can come to express their opinions, meet like-minded individuals from around the world, and be compensated for their contributions to the network. Cash Out is at $50.00 dollars. Writers do not need an Adsense account or Amazon account (although they CAN use their own Amazon links if they choose to) in order to get paid. That means that you don’t have to wait for people to click on an advertisment in your post or buy something from one of your links. You get paid 1/2 a cent for every single unique view that you get. You can join WFW free of charge. When you join, we will ask you to supply certain identifying information for purposes of setting up your account. We will also ask for your PayPal email address, so we can send payments to you when we are able to change the site into a pay to write site. We will keep your personal details confidential. In turn, we ask that you supply valid information and verify it as needed to be sure it is up to date.

IDCircle- pays via Paypal (to eligible countries) and Payza. Payment is graded according to your engagement. It starts at 1 cent per interaction (view, like, comment). After 300 posts, it rises to 2 cents per interaction, and after 1000 posts it rises to 3 cents per interaction.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Increase Traffic To Your Blog

               Increase Your Adsense Clicks  
Increasing your adsense clicks may not require any hard work. In addition, maybe you have put in the hard already and are awaiting the benefits. But sometime the rewards delay because of some minor  things that you may know or that is ignore. Today I want to introduce to you a few strategies that can improve your adsense clicks as visitors come to your site on a daily basis. These are your easy and will surprise you, when you actually do and see the spike in your clicks.

Changing around some of your features in adsense can be the recipe for your success with adsense. Many other Bloggers would say, play around and try different things at time on your blog to see what work and what don’t work. Note that some in trying you can mess up big and set your mind on going forward. It is the things that YOU try will make you stand out and can tell your differently from the other bloggers who are blogging. Your different can be the key of attracting many persons to your blog.

Change your show ads on blog display to Display ads in side bar and post. This will allow viewer to interact with your blog as they reads through the content on it. The way to do this is go to earnings, and then click on the option for ads. See picture below.

                         Increase visibility                          
To increase your visibility of your blog you need to activate search description on your blog. This make it easier for you to get rank and get find in search engine result on Google and other sites.

How add it? Login into your blog and go to settings and Search Preference. Please see images below.

Next Step.

Next Step.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Perfect Blog, Earning Paradise!

What you need to know to make it perfect? 
reading case study: Let me start with a question. How many of you read the case studies that are written about the usage of Social Media platforms like Stumble Upon, Reddit, Huffinghton, twitter in regards to anchoring thousands of traffic to your site? As bloggers, many of us check our page stats every day, regularly.  However, how you actually educate yourself on how to optimize your site and get more viewers to flourish it. You can also optimize your site viewership by becoming aware of the advance opportunity of getting maximum viewers from social site. Each has site their requirements. So, therefore, having an idea of the rules can make post better posts and this will in term get you more viewers.

Spamming Affiliate Programs?
Live Customer Service
Chat with your visitors, boost your sales!

Be careful of spamming advertisers. These advertisers are making affiliate programs, solely to get promotion but making it hard for marketers to earn base on my opinion. I concluded this decision, because some advertisers’ affiliate programs minimum pay out is so high that even the best marketers would fine it difficult to make the cut. See picture below with example.
Using an affiliate network some times better than using an affiliate program that belong to unrecognizable organizations. Therefore, when you used their ads on your page, you are promoting their product or services and yet, sometime you don’t reach the payout level. The area of spamming that I assert these program is the high minimum payout level set up by these entity.
You might be asking, if you should still participate in these affiliate programs? Yes, you can. But, you have to do your assessment and see if you can reach the payout minimum requirement and then you can go ahead.

Use Reputable Affiliate Programs:
The Marketer's Bible: Your Guide to Marketing, Sales, Influence & Persuasion, Public Relations, and Internet Marketing.Young bloggers and marketers who just started out, used reputable affiliate networks. These networks have a number of programs that you can use on your blog or site. I have tried many affiliate programs such as Click bank, Shareasales, One million by one million, viglink and others. But, you can do a search and see which one will if fit your site then use it. I recommend Amazon, Quality Unity afiiliate, Mypcbackup,  Admedia, shareholic, post, chitika, clickboot, and blogvertise.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Best Affiliate Programs and Tracking software

                                  Best Affiliate Programs
                                               High Paying CPL       

See how much you can earn!
Free Trial Account
$5 per signup
Paid Account
$120 per signup
20+ Sales per month
With MyPCBackup you can earn more than $120 for one referral...
MyPCBackup have now made it even easier to get referrals too, you will have your own dashboard complete with analytics to see how your banners are converting. Everything is tracked using your unique links all you have to do to get big payouts is spread the word.
CPA stands for Commission Per Acquisition and this is when you are paid for every sale you generate. CPL stands for Commission Per Lead is when you are paid for every lead (a free join).
Note: CPL has a drastically lower payout, starting at just $5 per lead. You must complete 5 sales on CPA before you can request to go on CPL.Most affiliates choose to stay on CPA as the conversion rate is much better for payouts.

Program Details

Post Affiliate Pro - Owned and leased licenses:

You will receive from 30% up to 50% commission for every sale referred.
Referred sales monthly
Commissions level
1 to 5 sales monthly
6 to 10 sales monthly
10+ sales monthly
All recurring orders

Live Agent - Owned and leased licenses:

You will receive 30% commission for every sale referred.
Referred sales
Commissions level
All sales
Trial upgrades
All recurring orders

Performance Bonus System:

Once you reach each level, our system will AUTOMATICALLY adjust your previous commissions during the period, so that ALL commissions earned during that period are paid at the NEW higher level.

Fixed cost 8%

Our payment processor charge us from every transaction in average fixed cost 8%. Therefore commissions are computed from 92% of total order amount.

Sale referred by more than one affiliate

We split commission in case sale was referred by more than one affiliate to all of them. Here is how it works:
·         First affiliate will get 10% bonus - he introduced customer to brand.
·         Last affiliate will get 30% bonus - he convinced customer to buy.
·         We will split rest of commission (60%) between all affiliates (including first and last).
Sale generated 100$ commission and sale was referred by 5 affiliates.
We will split commission between affiliates in following way:
PostAffiliatePro - Affiliate Tracking Software ·      
            1st affiliate: 22$
·         2nd affiliate: 12$
·         3rd affiliate: 12$
·         4th affiliate: 12$
·         5th affiliate: 42$

The Second tier commission is 5%.

(You can get second tier commission by referring another affiliates to join our affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your subaffiliates, and you will earn 5% commission of their sales.) Each affiliate entity is only permitted 1 affiliate account. If you need to track different promotions then use our powerful Post Affiliate Pro feature of subids, which are explained in the Promotion -> Advanced -> Subid section. Multiple commissions earned from the same promotion are tracked and easily found using timestamps and will be cancelled.

Hosted accounts: Recurring commissions structure

For first sale of hosted account you will earn 30% commission.
From all other recurring sales you will earn 5% commission.

Signup Bonus $5!

You will get $5 commission just for signup to our affiliate program! We will pay them with first payout of earned commissions.


We pay our affiliates always on 15th day of the month for sales referred in last month. Minimum payout is $100 and you have to refer minimum two separated customers. Self-purchases are also accepted!

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Best Way To Earn As Bloggers

Effective Blog Monetization
Having a blog is great. This enable you to monetize it. Over the past months, I have recognized something significant, in relation to blogging. Many young bloggers might have a little knowledge of it, but have not put much thought to know it to heart.  The topic says Effective blog monetization. To effective monetize your blog, you have to operate your blog above average and therefore becoming efficient. This is not easy at first, but it is possible.

How to become efficient with Blog?             

Like every other subject, you have to familiarize yourself with the terms and term reference in order to put out the best in what you are doing. This method also applies to blogging. And best bloggers normally now the terms that goes with ads and the type of payment option available. We as young blog need to also do the same thing in order to make inform decision. This is a business for me, and therefore I want to make the choice that will lead me to success.
Here are some terms that we need to know:
1.       CPM- Click per impression
2.       CTR- Click through ratio
3.       CPA- Click per action
4.       PPL- Pay per lead
5.       PPC- Pay per click
6.       CPC- Cost per click
7.       SEO- Search engine optimization
8.       CPS- Cost per sale
9.       CPM-Cost per Media
10.    Automated Affiliate Marketing
11.   Email Marketing
 Best Way To Earn As Bloggers                   

Two of the break through ways to earn from your blog are with CPA Networks and Pay Review Networks. I am going to be talking about them one by one. CPA Network-  With this Network per earn base on the action of the persons who click on the ads and the action you that they take. Some example of this Network are Clickbooth, Commision Juction, Link connector Linkshare so on. It is easy to sign up with these networks from once you have a fully functioning site. In comparison with other programs such CPC and the PPC, the person have to complete the action in order for you to get.
What is Paid Review Network? A Pay Review Network is where you get pay for write about some product or service on your blog or site. Sometime base on the program you join, advertiser will talk with you directly. Here are some of the Paid Review Sites:,,,,, and
 Forum Site-Build Blog Niche                     

After doing all that mentioned above, here is the last step to get your impressions and pageviews up from zero. You can also join these two forum site that will help to boost your page views. and

Monday, 4 May 2015

Multiple Source Of Earning

Adsense Earnings, Hubpages Earnings and Tumblr Earnings
Having multiple sources to earning from is an assets that many people don't have. But, With Online Market and blogging in particular, you can earning from multiple source if you truly mean to do this. It took me months before my page view and impressions started picking up. Your work is cut out. I am going to out some of the ways you can diffenate increase your adsense earnings. I have gone through the processes and so I am sharing it with you. Started reading Shoutmeloud blog which I find t very interested and affluent in information. And continue reading and taking note from his jottings which used and came across other site.

My first step to increase revenue is to have a structure. A structure will allow you to build and increase in size, number and content. Many person over look this component, which is the heart of online businesses. How to create a structure online? If you don't have the capital right away, then start with a blog. This is a structure from which you can operate. Basically, the term help me, help you is key here. Unlike the Brick and Mortar Stores offline. Online stores are more sophisticated and provides us with gadgets that simplify our job. Enhancement is a term that can use to characterize. I have received training in business and project management, and proposal. And all that i mentioned above are important.

Add you blog to Adsense. After developing your blog add it to adsense in order to start earning from advertisement, affiliate programs, and other links. This is the basic of online marketing and business online. In addition to these, you can also sell your product online and service to increase your revenue. Now, to broaden your scale of operation, try and develop an App for product. Try make a conglomerate of sites into a network.this will boost profit by more 50% percentage. These thing takes time, and a lot of effort. in addition be smart, therefore, try an be Specific, Measurable, Realistic, and so.
Increase Revenue by Adding Hubpage. This will help to widen your earning scope and maximize pageviews and impressions. This is a great site, I love it. I recommend everyone to sign up and start using it. ' Place Adsense Ads on Tumblr and tripple your revenue.
Time Spent To get Traffic

The offline Labour Force require a forty hour work week and its no different online. You have to put in even more time online if you are not internet savvy. And just to point out, that whatsoever I do as business, I am compel to give it my all. But, How much time should someone spend online? The answer is, Its all depends. It depends on where you are, Subject and knowledge comprehension, audience, Structure, Business plan, Motive, Team or group assisting you, Model of Business and so. All these factor still are blur to all the others factors, when compare. Our online may just pass the forty hour mark, because for some of us we are on our phone, and tablet majority of the time and we still doing business. Talking with people about product and service in order to customize it and improve. Start checking and tell me in the comment. I will write a PROPOSAL from the comments and publish it so you can see the poll. Please comment in order for me to do this. Please see table below and put in your hours spent online in your business, whether it is blog or websites.
Live Customer Service
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