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Friday, 15 May 2015

Perfect Blog, Earning Paradise!

What you need to know to make it perfect? 
reading case study: Let me start with a question. How many of you read the case studies that are written about the usage of Social Media platforms like Stumble Upon, Reddit, Huffinghton, twitter in regards to anchoring thousands of traffic to your site? As bloggers, many of us check our page stats every day, regularly.  However, how you actually educate yourself on how to optimize your site and get more viewers to flourish it. You can also optimize your site viewership by becoming aware of the advance opportunity of getting maximum viewers from social site. Each has site their requirements. So, therefore, having an idea of the rules can make post better posts and this will in term get you more viewers.

Spamming Affiliate Programs?
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Be careful of spamming advertisers. These advertisers are making affiliate programs, solely to get promotion but making it hard for marketers to earn base on my opinion. I concluded this decision, because some advertisers’ affiliate programs minimum pay out is so high that even the best marketers would fine it difficult to make the cut. See picture below with example.
Using an affiliate network some times better than using an affiliate program that belong to unrecognizable organizations. Therefore, when you used their ads on your page, you are promoting their product or services and yet, sometime you don’t reach the payout level. The area of spamming that I assert these program is the high minimum payout level set up by these entity.
You might be asking, if you should still participate in these affiliate programs? Yes, you can. But, you have to do your assessment and see if you can reach the payout minimum requirement and then you can go ahead.

Use Reputable Affiliate Programs:
The Marketer's Bible: Your Guide to Marketing, Sales, Influence & Persuasion, Public Relations, and Internet Marketing.Young bloggers and marketers who just started out, used reputable affiliate networks. These networks have a number of programs that you can use on your blog or site. I have tried many affiliate programs such as Click bank, Shareasales, One million by one million, viglink and others. But, you can do a search and see which one will if fit your site then use it. I recommend Amazon, Quality Unity afiiliate, Mypcbackup,  Admedia, shareholic, post, chitika, clickboot, and blogvertise.