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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Increase Traffic To Your Blog

               Increase Your Adsense Clicks  
Increasing your adsense clicks may not require any hard work. In addition, maybe you have put in the hard already and are awaiting the benefits. But sometime the rewards delay because of some minor  things that you may know or that is ignore. Today I want to introduce to you a few strategies that can improve your adsense clicks as visitors come to your site on a daily basis. These are your easy and will surprise you, when you actually do and see the spike in your clicks.

Changing around some of your features in adsense can be the recipe for your success with adsense. Many other Bloggers would say, play around and try different things at time on your blog to see what work and what don’t work. Note that some in trying you can mess up big and set your mind on going forward. It is the things that YOU try will make you stand out and can tell your differently from the other bloggers who are blogging. Your different can be the key of attracting many persons to your blog.

Change your show ads on blog display to Display ads in side bar and post. This will allow viewer to interact with your blog as they reads through the content on it. The way to do this is go to earnings, and then click on the option for ads. See picture below.

                         Increase visibility                          
To increase your visibility of your blog you need to activate search description on your blog. This make it easier for you to get rank and get find in search engine result on Google and other sites.

How add it? Login into your blog and go to settings and Search Preference. Please see images below.

Next Step.

Next Step.