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Friday, 22 May 2015

Multiple Earning, Blog and Google Adsense

Earn More by Diversifying

Researching is key when dealing with any type of business, even blogs and websites. The more you know, the better you can explain yourself to your readers. I find it difficult sometime because the market is saturated, but through determination to provide good resource I dig deep. Is your blog making enough? The old way of blogging are hardly pulling in any real revenue these days, unless you have been in the blogging industry for over ten years. Anyone being a blogger for over 10 years would be established and grounded in blogging.  They would also have a niche and customers.
What need to be done now?
As new bloggers we need to diversify our blogging portfolio. What I mean by diversifying is to add more site to your blogging profile. For me, I have three blogger sites and one Hub. These four sites have google adsense ads on them. This is the KEY. By allowing your ads to run on more than one sites, you increases your chance of earning more with google adsense and even with different affiliate programs. Having three websites requires a lot of work, but I can tell you that sometime from now I will start reaping from my hard work.
Where to earn more?
1. Bubblews allows 10 posts per 24-hour period, with no required delay between posts. The site no longer reveals its pay rates, which vary depending on the user’s country. Payouts can only be redeemed once every 30 days. Users located in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Vietnam are not allowed to join the site.
2. Persona Paper allows no more than 15 posts per day, and requires a 10 minute wait between posts. Current value of each "coin" is $0.0015. Since each unique view earns two coins, Persona Paper's pay rate is $3 for every 1000 views, which is twice the rate offered at Writedge and Daily Two Cents. It requires 13,334 coins to reach the $20 payout threshold.
3. As of March, 2015, Persona Paper has instituted a blacklist of countries from which it will accept no new members. The reason, they say, is because those countries get a lot of traffic, for which writers must be paid, but contribute little ad revenue to the site. The currently blacklisted countries are the Philippines and India. More may be added later.
4. On Wizzley and Seekyt payments are made directly from advertising partners, not the site itself. Ad network options include AdSense, Chitika, and VigLink. Affiliate linking to Amazon, Zazzle, and AllPosters is available.

Pay Rate
Article Length Requirements
Eligibility To Post
60% of ad revenue. Payout: $50. (AdSense required)
700+ words recommended
Each hub must pass a quality assessment. [1]
? for each view, comment and like. Payout: $50.
400 characters
Posts must be in English or have English translation.
75% of ad revenue. Payout: $50.
Between 325 - 5000 words
At least the first 10 posts are reviewed. and http://Daily Two
$1.50 per 1000 unique views. Payout: $5.
400 (Writedge) or 100 (DTC) words.
At least the first 3 posts are reviewed.
50-60% of page impression revenue. Payout: N/A [4]
400 words
At least the first 5 posts are reviewed.
65% of ad click revenue. Payout: N/A [4]
2,000 characters
At least the first 3 posts are reviewed.
http://Persona [2,3]
2 coins/view, 1 coin/comment you make on others’ posts. Payout: $20.
500 characters exclusive of punctuation and spaces.
Must submit a writing sample to demonstrate English proficiency.
Pay per Social Site
Trap more earning from adsense with: It's a centralized hub where you can earn money for all the things you're already have been doing online at places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and Blogger. Minimum payout is at $25.00 dollars. Bubblews is a holistic macro-blogging platform and social ecosystem where users can come to express their opinions, meet like-minded individuals from around the world, and be compensated for their contributions to the network. Cash Out is at $50.00 dollars. Writers do not need an Adsense account or Amazon account (although they CAN use their own Amazon links if they choose to) in order to get paid. That means that you don’t have to wait for people to click on an advertisment in your post or buy something from one of your links. You get paid 1/2 a cent for every single unique view that you get. You can join WFW free of charge. When you join, we will ask you to supply certain identifying information for purposes of setting up your account. We will also ask for your PayPal email address, so we can send payments to you when we are able to change the site into a pay to write site. We will keep your personal details confidential. In turn, we ask that you supply valid information and verify it as needed to be sure it is up to date.

IDCircle- pays via Paypal (to eligible countries) and Payza. Payment is graded according to your engagement. It starts at 1 cent per interaction (view, like, comment). After 300 posts, it rises to 2 cents per interaction, and after 1000 posts it rises to 3 cents per interaction.