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Thursday, 30 April 2015


I have been doing some reading and how to get backlinks. Now if your aree planning to get a thousand views with a single blog post, you have equip yourself with the necessary information that can make you reach an extended amount of people. With these different sites, I started reaching country such Ukraine.  

What you need to know when seeking a thousand views:
1. You need to know how get backlinks to your blog in an ethical way. This will cause ranking to increase and views.  Engage with your viewers and make them feel welcome. You can do this be adding Pure Chat to your blog site.

2. Use relevant topic that you can truly get handle and manage, in order to hold your visit attention, because your cues will not be far fetch. I am a businessman and therefore use opportunity and entrepreneurship on my blog.

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3. Use Good affiliate program like Quality Unit Affiliate Program. This program allow to start earn from sign up sales. Therefore, a program can earn fast money. When you are deal with investment portfolio, the financial advisor would build your profile base on what you want. You may want fix income instruments and equity and that is principle I am trying to use here.

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4. Viral Buzz is also a very good, program that you can use in addition to your facebook, twitter, google plus, yahoo forum and google, chat site. I f you can make people wanting to talk with you. Then you can sell as much product and service as possible.

5. Try out Quora. This site will help boost your page views. In my field of work offline,workshop are important because it is a method that you can use gather important information onpeople, place or things. This is like a question and answer site that you can use.