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Tuesday, 31 March 2015


ONLINE YOUTH ENTREPRENEURS: This is the year 2015 and many young people don’t have a job. These young people age from 18-25. The news is that many people are losing their job. However, many new jobs are being made available to counter the ones lost. These new jobs are rapidly popping up in the IT Industry-online. But the sad news is that many young people only used the internet as social media to converse, while ignoring the business aspect of such booming sector. Now, having one hundred thousand followers on Twitter and five thousand friends on Facebook are good. However, young people, if you had a service or product to offer to all those people, it would be great. Because many of those persons would perhaps become customers or potential customers. Businesses are changing their focus from being brick and martyr and going technology wise. This is where the future of businesses is going and young people with bright ideas need to become more creature and start making money from the internet. Start making quick money while doing your blog @

YOU MIGHT BE SAYING HOW                                            
There are a lot of ways to make money from the internet. I will take you through them step-by-step. This is what I am currently doing. But, before you start, it takes hard work and a dedicated work ethics. I am going to explain how Google Blog and Google Adsense work on this first post.

Step-by-step action:
1.       Create a Gmail (email) account with Google at
2.       After creating your email, go to the APPS Icon. It has a total of 9 dots. Located on the top right           hand   corner of the page. The Icon look like this ⁞⁞⁞  
3.       Go to Blogger in your browser.
4.       Set up your blog.
5.       Start writing and posting to your blogs. This should be mostly words, in order to get the adsense        account. Adsense account will allow you to make money from ads that are place on your blog              page.  Please see my blog @
6.      Within your blog, click on “Go To Post List” that look like a writing pad leave.
7.      Click on Earnings and apply for your Adsense account.
8.      After signing up, wait for approval. If it is not approve the first time then try again. Write more content and your content should be solid. Limited picture for now.

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