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Thursday, 26 March 2015

The River That Kills 

This river is call the Negro river. This river is located under the footing of Blue Mountain and serve a population of about 30, 000 plus users. Many other rivers/tributes join into this river.  As a young man growing up, my granny would say to me, " don't go to the river at night." She stressed on the coldness of the water-and the name of the river. I remember some shacking deaths that occur along the path of this river. When this river taking water, it spread beyond the imagination of the people and everything in its path it take or destroy. It has a rolling motion like a plowing tractor, is sounds echoes as stones and water wrestle their way down the stream with dirt and trees moving along.
Many houses have been damaged, people families have been pulled apart and some leave mourning loss. For the many who are still living on the banks of the river, have to continually keep in thought the weather at all time. Because the river have so many adjoining tributes, it has might in its water force.

This is some of the ravage that the river leave behind after passing through Trinityville. Also, there are no river training along the river. And what I see so far, is that, only where the road are affected badly and it has become impossible to are access are fixed. The NGOs in the community are playing part their re the protection environment, the improvement and education of the people. They have embarked on projects, ranging from water implementation, reforestation and agro-cultivation. Some of this damage also arise from the bad farming practices in high mountains. Many of whom are trying to earn economically, in order to sustain family. There are not enough factories or businesses to sustain the labour force with the area. This is question I would like to ask, What else are there for us to do?

We are paying taxes and we need some answer. Some of the government agencies are not performing as we would like them to. The community would want them to do more. We getting limited services from some of the offices of government. We call on able person to assist.