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Friday, 20 March 2015

Prayer Changes Things
A Touch From God Makes The Difference. 

This book gives a true account of my life story. It holds the testimony of victories, challenges, setbacks and come backs from the point of death. The LORD delivered me from death after persons tried killing me numerous times with demons. They have sprinkled my clothes, books and home. In addition, they have set their gin and snares, but nevertheless, the LORD delivered me.

The LORD work all thing for good in my life as I apply the words of God and the tactics learned throughout the period of warfares. I increased in spiritual knowledge, understanding and my discerning abilities also increased with sharpness and dynamics. 

The challenges were harsh and the blows were constant. However, this had made me into a more determine person, but I was stretched in areas that had repeated trials. Through the mercies and the grace of God I was able to make it.

Special attention was given to me in prayer meetings and at various location at cottage services. I was also surrounded by strong spiritual persons whose mission is to fight against Satan and his hosts. My break though came after intense praying, fasting and mediation.