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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Music Group-Funding Proposal for A School Tour, Jamaica.
Prime Management Business & Production
Proposal for School Tour
Project Title:
Strike your balance between Education, Awareness and Music. Knowing is the key to move forward and success is putting it into practice.

Project Location & Significance:
The proposed locations for the school tour are Robert Lightbourne High School, Seaforth High School, and Paul Bogle High School within the parish of St. Thomas. The number of students to be impacted from this tour is approximately 6, 000 students. These students are from various backgrounds. Some of them are from the Western End and the others from the Eastern End of the parish. Two of the schools (Robert Lightbourne High & Paul Bogle High) are located on the main road and Seaforth is on a turn off from the main road. These schools are in the midst of the community and attract the title “community schools.” Therefore, the communities will embrace you as a sponsor. Two of these schools (Seaforth High & Paul Bogle High) operate on the shift system. The other school operates on the regular school system.

Project Description/Justification:
Prime Management Business & Production have identified the needs that exist within the student population. Students are leaving school and after years, they still don’t have a bank account; the situation is further compounded because they lack the know-how.   The trend have been prolonging for many years. In addition, the situations were made harder whenever a child comes in the mix in such early stage of one life.  At this stage Job opportunities are minimal; the scopes of sustenance and going back to school are far gone for many. 

Therefore, the School Tour aims to maximize awareness among students about SAVINGS and having an account from an early age.  In addition, new banking information on services and products will be outline to students.  Each partner will be offer the opportunity to set up a booth, so students can do a preliminary sign up of account.  The Principle of starting little and Growing Big will be highlighted in an economic aspect. 

Students will also be introduce to the Stock Market by key pointers.  These pointers will be used to capture students’ interest. For many years the Stock Market has eluded many students in the rural area. Therefore, coming in contact with them in regards to the Stock Market is a perfect avenue to highlight the potential revenue earnings from it.

Sponsor Benefits and Visibility:
As a sponsor you will benefit directly and indirectly from the tour. Also, there will be visibility (advertisement) for your company.  Your sponsorship I must say, will allow you to grow even more. Your Name can become a household name for every child.
The sponsor (Scotia Bank) benefits are:
·         Goodwill
·         Brand equity
·         New Accounts Signee
·         New Debit Card Prospects
·         New Online Accounts Prospects
·         Revenue Increase prospects
·         Increase in Client Traffic
·         Increase usage of Service and Products

Sponsor (Scotia Bank) Visibilities are:
·         Client Awareness about Services and Products
·         Word-Of-Mouth about Sponsors’
·         Sponsors’ Name will be Announce on the Announcing System throughout the areas
·         Sponsors Logo will be place on Flyers
·         Sponsor will have booth in every venue of the Tour
·         Sponsor Banners will be place around the venue

Sponsor deliverables are:
·         New Banking Services and Products
·         Criteria for Setting up New Accounts
·         Criteria for Getting a Debit Card
·         Education Insurance
·         Business loan for young entrepreneurs

Project Life:

Project Start Time: October 31, 2014                                                      Project End Time: November 14, 2014
The Project (School Tour) will commence on October 31, 2014 at Robert Lightbourne High School, continue on November 7 at Seaforth High School and Finish at Paul Bogle High School on November 14, 2014.

We are seeking in sponsorship a total $ 150,000.00 dollars from your noble organization (Scotia Bank). This amount will be use to carry out the school tour operations throughout the course of the tour. We truly appreciate your kindness.

We are looking forward to meet with you and discuss further the implementation schedule, other statistic details and any query. Our contact details are above.

Thank you.
Mr. Kevar Telfer
Managing Director (Prime Management Business & Production)

Contact: 876 799-4996 or 409-1493