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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Language Of Prayer Never Change.

Fast camp improves my understanding about the report of God toward my life and in a vast way exposed the secret of my visions which are connected to my will-the will of god. Before attending the three days fast camp I had been getting discernment whenever  my enemies were trying to hurt me, but what I have learned is that whenever I discerned anything despite how bad or good it looks; god has made provision, because it is a report from God to me. My faith was increased, along with my confidence; and my inner being which is the greater part of my whole being started to understand the things I was seeing. I also reviewed the scriptures to allow the spirit of the words to fill the marrows within  my bones. As the presenter continued on the study of faith; the Holy spirit moved up on participants initiating prophecies and revealing god calling up on lives, and not very long after that the presenter poured three quarter bottle of Olive oil on my head. He then started saying " received what the lord want to give to you, let go and received it." The next thing I know is that I was flat on my back on the floor. I felt the warmth of the Holy spirit over shadowing and removing maintenance root yokes from my body. As we learned and fellowship together I felt a cap  of spiritual  reassurance around me, and love and care. The three days came to on end and I was satisfy within my soul and body. My body had been purged from the impurities through the drinking of water. Before we left the camp site we were told that greater things will start to happen in the days to come and exactly the same thing happened afterward. I was moved because of the magnitude of changes that occur in my life within the week and months after, and I love it.

Wheat and Tares Growing together:

I was approached and woken with an inquiry from the foe that came up against me, asking me “if am not sick. She went on to add that when I came to stay at my sister's house I was looking better at first,” but immediately within my subconscious mind I picked up the far fetch questions and assumptions.  She then started to observe my body while walking beside me to see if there are any changes resulting from what she had been doing. Within that same particular night I felt the attacks coming on, but stood my ground and the demons fled. This foe is a christian-but she uses the church as a disguise to cover her act of wickedness. Nevertheless I recognized her, and the cross over within her eyes that signify with power of darkness. She always wear her a hat. However, because am a praying person and favored, and touched by god, I climaxed at the situation. I found out that many of the persons that are around me wanted my job  and they would violate the commands and commandments of god for their evil desires. "But if god for me who can be against" and that is the case. I felt pitiful at times for myself because of the intense attacks up on my life but I started to condition my body, mind and soul for the spiritual battle. At times I feel to take a vacation from the battle, however I come to realized that the  fight is not temporary. It started becoming clearer to my understanding as I expounded my study on who is this opposite assembly from the kingdom of god-kingdom light. The fight becomes easier. We had an half night prayer meeting starting from twelve o'clock which was specially designed to paralyze the enemy who seem to operate early in the peak hours of the morning by speaking within our spiritual realm and setting agenda for the day. But we counteract the enemy and immediately things shifted and improved within atmosphere and lives.

Restoring myself in god:

I resume in restoring my life-mind through Jesus Christ and his words. I find my mind in a dark state; pondering to find my way but I surrounded my mind with the Ten Commandments and the Commands of Jesus which showed me the truth and guided me toward my will. Sometimes my depression intensified and I would have to lack my mind on particular set of verses to relax my nerve. I had to start reclaiming what the enemy try taking from me by focusing my mind the truth and things which are good. My relax state of mind