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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Prime Management  Business & Production
Project Proposal

Project Title:
St. Thomas Empowerment, Education, and Capacity Development Project.  
Project Location & Significant:
This project will be implemented within Trinityville and the Cluster Communities in St. Thomas. The Parish of St. Thomas is located under the foot of Blue Mountain Latitude 18°05’N and Longitude 76°40’W. The parish economic base is agriculture which has an area of 286.8 square miles and with a population 100, 000 plus people. The parish has approximately 2, 000 plus school levers each year and approximately 43 youth clubs.

Project Description/Justification:
The St. Thomas Empowerment, Education and Capacity Development Project will be implemented in Trinityville and the Cluster Communities under the western footing of blue mountain in St. Thomas. The aim of the project is to co ordinate and co manage a diploma training course, Improving self actualization, opportunities, awareness, and developed a business plan and proposal and a documentary video. The Trinityville area and the Cluster Communities are located in the western part of St. Thomas which is one hour drive away from the town of Morant Bay. These areas are remote and over populated with uneducated youths.
The youths within Trinityville and the Cluster Communities are severely handicap by the deficiency in finances and resources to help them acquire a tertiary education and Capacity Development. Additionally, lack of Government Programmes, assistance, Infrastructure, and unemployment help to complicate the matter. Extensive peer pressure, smoking, alcohol abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse and labeling by society as unprogressive youths add to the pressure of lost of self worth and direction to advance academically. These matters are further compounded because young ladies are getting pregnant and dropping out of school, while the young men are turning gangsters and squatting on the road side in corners. These factors lead to permanent self destruction, informal families, over burden welfare programme, decrease in micro and macro economic growth and decrease in contribution toward the country development.
Prime Management Business & Production (PMBD) propose this project with the following objectives:

·         To have (6) six participants enroll into a short term course-Diploma training programme chosen from the Trinityville Area and the Cluster Communities which will attend school over a period of nine months.
·         Facilitate self actualization, awareness, information sharing,  gathering and  opportunity  between stakeholders and twenty five members from Trinityville and the Cluster Communities.
·         To develop a business plan and a proposal to address and resolve the issues within the communities before the end date of this project life.
·         A documentary will be made to relate the result of the project at different stages and to monitor participants and capture their achievements.

Problem Statement:
The Parish is under developed, unrecognized and severely jeopardize regarding the apportionment of government resources to stimulate development within the parish. The matter drastically increase when the youths out school and have to sustain their self and families. The educational aspects of their lives are push back and completely become futile and time consuming in their sight. Some, in their distress resort to Drug, Alcohal and Sex as mean of forgetting their vision, which they may thought about in their young years of development. 
Many of these youths have the basic qualification at the CXC level that qualifies them to progress to Universities and Colleges. However, their families lack the resources to assist them. This also forces them to go and fine other means of acquiring it. Hence, they ended up in abusive relationship and in extreme cases resulted in death.
This situation requires urgent attention to arrest the problem of education stagnancy, poor self growth, self actualization and development. The youths are the future and without speedy intervention, workshop, trainings the problem will escalate.

PMBD  along with our partners will coordinate and co manage  the following:

·         Short term course-Diploma training programme for six participants over a nine months period.
·         Facilitate self actualization, awareness, information sharing,  gathering and  opportunity  between stakeholders and twenty five members in Trinityville and the Cluster Communities through our partners such as NYS, NYCD, POLICE, HEART/NTA.
·         Develop a business plan and proposal to address and resolve the issues within the communities by a consultant over the five day period of workshop .
·         A documentary will be made to relate the result of the project.
The participants will be actively involved in all element of the project from the institutional training, the business PLAN development & PROPOSAL training, awareness and the documentary recordings. The community base organizations will be the prime entry on the basis of establishing the project within the different areas. The clubs will act as the interface body from us to members.
The stakeholders will be involved in all stages of the project implementation through the project Oversight Body and via telephone conversation.
Early engagements and partnership with stakeholders and community members will result in the sustainability and success of this project.
 Project Management and Administration:
The project will be managed by the Prime Management Business & Production (PMBD). PMBD manager have been a part of a strong administrative base that implement projects of this magnitude and even greater. Some of the projects are (St. Thomas sustainable livelihoods project funded by the European Union, Christian Aid / implemented by WROC phase 1, 2008-2009, phase 2, 2010-2011. “Rehabilitation of the Mount Vernon Water System funded by EFJ 2011- current and “The Reforestation and installation of slope stabiling mechanisms to mitigate the effects of landslides in the communities of Hillside in Mount Vernon funded by FCF 2011-2014).
Organization Strategy:
Our organizations Value statement speaks Value. This project is one that will provide empowerment, educate and create sustainable growth among our youths.
Collaborations and Partnerships:
PMBD welcome these partners on board and are closely associated through prior engagement in the parish:
·         NCYD- National Centre for Youth Development will provide information relating to youth empowerment.
·         Police- give advice to participants
·         NYS-advice on career opportunities
·         Heart/NTA-Advice on career opportunities.

·         St. Thomas PYC- provide listing of youth clubs.
·         Youth Clubs-providing members