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Thursday, 12 February 2015


Project Title:
 Outreach and Helping Hand Project for the Shut-in, Old and Needy in Trinityville and its environs.

Project Location & Significance:
This project will be implemented within Trinityville and the Cluster Communities. The Community of Trinityville is located under the footing of Blue Mountain within the parish of St. Thomas. Latitude 18°05’N and Longitude 76°40’W. The Community economic base is agriculture with a population of two thousands plus people.

Project Description/Justification:
Trinityville Jamaica Bible Church, in partnership with Prime Management Business & Production have identified the needs that exist within Trinityville and its environs among the Shut-in, Old and Needy. Within Trinityville, there are 25 persons that are in need, follow by Georgia 5, and Mount Lebanus 9. The situation is further compounded, because these persons cannot help themselves. Some have Psychological challenges, Health Problems, Age constraint Issues and Immobile challenges. Their struggles prolong with life. The “Trinityville J.B.C Outreach and Helping Hand Project” is asking for your support to help relief these persons of their heavy burden.

These persons lack food, Shelter, Clothing and Care. They are not abstract and therefore, we hope that the help can bring some joy in lives. 

History of other project:
The Trinityville Jamaica Bible Church had established other community Outreach Projects which addressed the needs of indigents in the community and its environs.  The shut-ins were our prime targets, but the need arose for extension.

Thirty two (32) persons received hot meals throughout the life span of the project. In addition, with assistance from Food For The Poor, we were also able to distribute food packages to them.

Sponsor Benefits and Visibility:
As a sponsor, you will benefit directly and indirectly from this courageous and splendid contribution. Also, there will be visibility (advertisement) for your company.  Your sponsorship I must say, will allow you to grow even more and your company name can become a household name within these communities. The company will become attach to the community, and therefore springing forth increase sales.

The sponsor (Classic Super Shop) benefits are:
·         Goodwill
·         Increase in market Shares
·         Brand equity
·         Revenue Increase prospects
·         Increase in Client Traffic
·         Increase usage of Products

Sponsor (Classic Super Shop) Visibilities are:
·         Client Awareness about Products
·         Word-Of-Mouth about Sponsors’
·         Sponsors’ Name will be announce in Church Announcements
·         Sponsors Logo/Name will be place on package

Project Life:
Project Start Time: February 13, 2015                                                   Project End Time: June 30, 2015
The (Trinityville J.B.C Outreach and Helping Hand Project) will commence on November 27, 2014 within Trinityville and Georgia, and Mount Lebanus District with the issuing of Hot Meals to the identified persons.

We are therefore soliciting your help for the continuation of this well needed project.  Whatsoever you will give in contribution, will be converted into a Hot Meals to be distributed to the identified persons across the different communities.  The Items will be store and distribute from the Jamaica Bible Church. The Church is also at a central location and it is accessible by both young and old.
We truly appreciate your kindness.
Other Partners:
·         The Community Groups
·         Prime Management Business & production
We are looking forward to meet with you and discuss further the implementation schedule, other statistic details and any query. Our contact details are in the footer.

Thank you.