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Friday, 19 December 2014

Tech Companies Rich & Artistes Poor

Please examine the food chain of a Musician. Studios-----Mixing--------Mastering CDs-------Radio Station--------JACAP. This chain showing musicians pay all the way and earnings NOTHING. This next food chain shows how artists earn. CDs sales---------Stage shows--------Touring & Fans--------Merch--------Royalties----------Ads. But sometimes Artists are being short change out of what they should get and are being milk by different parties. It is evident within our societies. Nevertheless, many artists find  it difficult to become independent artist because they fear that they won't make it in the industry. But, Is a music career worth having? In this industry you have to be serious like any other business, it is a nine-to-five job.

Without the music the world become a silent place and still. The stillness of the world would drive many out of soundness of their mind. Artistes now need to become technologically incline, in oreder to tap into the new and existing markets. please leave a comment to continue the conversation.

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