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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Is there a recipe for music success. Can artists apply a one size fit all strategy?

My clear declaration on this heading is no. Each country has its own demographics, taste for music and genre. Are the success stories a tailor fit way to make it as a musician within this system? I would say yes to that, it facilitate the struggles, the courage, the spirit of music and the business of music. The term testimony declares victory and success. And for musicians who don't have a record label backing them, then they should embrace these testimonies from other artists. Now remember that in every country there are Royalties Collection Societies. The big problem is that many countries don't have a structure in place to deal with music. Therefore, that is why there cannot be a tailor approach in getting artists there big BUSS. However, with a studied approach they can succeed.

Check out BMI
Examine those independent artists who make it on their own? this memory gem speaks a LOT "The heights by great men reach and kept, were not obtain by shouldn't flight; but while my companion slept, I was up tilling through the night." Some time Artists you will be turn down, discourage and put to shame, but that don't say you should give up. To get your song (s) playing on main stream radio is difficult at times and this even becomes more difficult when we don't make for ourselves a NETWORK of people who have connections. "Music goes out faster with connections." Therefore, never throw stone behind us , after parting company with Producers, Managers, Publishers, Record Labels, and Agents. Each party plays on important role and have a certain level of connections that can be beneficial at time to artists.

Finding a genre that works for you and your voice is one of the biggest task of being a musician, and a very good one at that. Artists sometimes spent time on songs that shame them, because their voice are not blending in with the song (s). Choose songs that keep in line with voice and the tone of your voice. 

  1. Staying close to someone who are ahead of you in the music industry is a very good way of getting expose as an young artist. This way you will know the PROs and the CONs that are in the industry. 
  2. Work at your music
  3. Monetize youtube channel, instruct management to develop blog/website and monetize, and sell you your songs.
  4. work on the online part of the business, same as the offline
  5. Take it serious.