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Monday, 15 December 2014

Cant the poor pursue music as a source of Livelihood without Big Giants backing them?
It is very difficult to make music, but the poorest of society find time to invest and create it. Nevertheless, despite their hard work, they are the ones who reap the least along with songwriters. Is the informal system in music giving artists a better chance of earnings? Is technology being embrace by independent artists?  Is technology braking the monopoly that the Giants in music have? Yes, it is. It causing them to rethink, remodel and I'm the owner of Prime Management Business and Production. The nature of my company includes management of Artist and Online Marketing. I have grown up in NGOs and was exposed to music in my youthful days. Therefore I am associated with artists that never make a dollar from doing music, but I am here to change that by the Grace of God. artists here are some points: a) try to get your song copyright, if you are serious about music. your work is a creative piece that has value. b) Don't quit your day job before you become establish in the music industry. I implore you not to because music takes money and as a independent artist you have invest in it as you earn. c) find a good manager or come to us.
Description of Services
  • ·         Digital Distribution of Music and Management Service
Our business is designed to make online payments on behalf of artists for music uploads to various online stores via the digital platform (Tunecore or any other sites) at a cost of $ 1, 600.00 Jamaican dollars/ 15.00US per song.  Also, each artist will have to register with our business at a cost of $ 1, 000.00.

Tunecore is the online platform that Prime Management Business & Production uses. This Platform is the best so far and the cheapest. The artistes will benefit from a number of services and pill over as a member of Prime Management Business & Production. These services are:
  • .       Market stats and sales report for music sales
  • .       Opportunity to obtain management contract for song distribution- locally and online
  • .       Artistes songs will purposefully push into market online and offline
  • .       Opportunity upload their songs on ITUNE and Amazon and Other sites.
  • .       Streaming opportunity
  • American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP).        

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Management Contact:
Lime 876 799-4996
Digicel 876 409-1493